Our tables made here in the UK are handmade in a choice of premium woods.

The frame, base and structural elements of the Logan table, for example, are made in solid oak.  The grain of the solid oak or other premium wood will be fairly random and can change with different batches of timber.  Solid timber expands and contracts across its grain but not along it which keeps the frame etc stable.

The top panels inside the bordered frame are generally made from veneered crown cut oak board laid on an mdf substrate.  The veneer process is to ensure that there is no timber movement causing cracks which can occur in centrally heated houses, or where atmospheric conditions change, if the boards are not stabilised in this way.  If the central section were to be made in solid timber, it can contract across its grain with a fair likelihood of cracking or distortion. This is why traditional marquetry detailing is made of real wood veneers,  because the essence of marquetry is to have grains of wood opposing each other to create patterns.

Crown-cut oak generally has cathedrals or other symmetrical patterns.  The patterns are bookmatched (mirror image stripes) across the table giving a wonderful and unique finish.

Another option is to have Straight-grain oak veneer for the central panels.  Also known as Quarter-Cut this cut can have medullary rays and other markings which are more random.

Pale stringing is made of sycamore, but cannot be used where the wood stained darker as the stain will bleed into the paler wood. Dark stringing is made of ebony.

Any finish will accentuate the colours and natural grain or patterns of the oak.  This is particularly true of roughened finishes where the grain is lightly wirebrushed to remove some of the softer parts (the pattern). Then either liming pastes or other finishing products are applied by hand which catch in the grain and highlight it.  The finish is completed with a waxed top-coat.

When enquiring, please specify which cut of oak and which finish is required including whether roughened or smooth.

Crown-cut Oak
Quarter-cut Oak
Walnut Marquetry with Stringing


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