Trim Details


“It isn’t so much what’s on the table that matters, as what’s on the chairs” – WS Gilbert may not have been thinking decoration when he said that but we take his words to heart when it comes to our upholstery! There is a wealth of opportunity in the detailing of the humble chair and as with all other aspects of interior decorating it is the layering that counts.

Just when you think you have finished the hard part and chosen your gorgeous fabrics then comes the next dilemma – to wrap, to pipe, to tape, to fringe or to nail? And each option has a myriad of possibilities.

Here we suggest a few ideas to get you thinking…

Space Nailing over tape adds another dimension to the practice of classic nailing and allows a contrast texture and colour to inject another layer of interest.

Borders around bases or sides are often seen on sofas and cushions but can also be applied to chairs and stools – from the sleek monochromatic to the gorgeously embroidered and appliquéd.

Applique on the backs of chairs and stools is a unique way of incorporating favourite motifs or even your pets into your scheme.

Fringing at the base can be an unusual addition giving it a softer edge – there is a wealth of fringing available from the simple to the frankly extravagant.

And finally, using flanged leather or cord piping gives an extra dimension to the piping lines around the base, top or sides. Used singly or with a line of nailing as well for more definition.