Wood and nail finishes

Our standard wood finish is beech which we stain to specification to most darker wood colours.

Beech is not suitable for a limed or wash finish as it has no grain to pick up the lime or wash pigment. However, beech can be painted – the paint must be cellulose and supplied to us.

For light wood finishes or grey washes the wood used must be ash at a 25% surcharge.

The chairs can be made in oak, maple, ash, maple or mahogany at a 25% surcharge. Please note that wood is a natural product and we cannot guarantee an exact match.

The most popular choice to go with existing oak floors or tables is natural beech at no extra cost or American Black Walnut at the 25% surcharge.

The chairs can be made in solid woods – walnut, teak etc and are priced upon request.

Our oak tables are made from natural oak and as such can react to atmospheric conditions such as humidity, dryness (especially underfloor heating) and excessive temperature changes. Cracks may appear and disappear with different weather conditions.

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